Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Medullablastoma cancer in adults pt.2

The last post I displayed, only explained a small fraction of what goes on with medulloblastoma. Since it's return, it caused a fracture in my neck which the doctor explains. He also goes on to explain that since the cancer spread to the spine, it may be difficult to to reach the brain to actually preform brain surgery inturn removing the tumor. To combat that, I may have to go through another round of chemotherapy.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Effects of medullablastoma brain cancer in adults

Alot of people who are dealing with medulloblastoma brain cancer do not express the fact that it makes you EXTREMELY weak to the point where you can barely move. This is the second time I've had medulloblastoma cancer and it has came back as an adult. The fact that medulloblastoma cancer came back as an adult is very rare and it has spread to my spine. I've been dealing with this situation full throttle for months and it's been very aggressive. I'd love to express the feelings I have been experiencing with this situation but I won't try to fit it into one post.

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