Sunday, February 23, 2020

Doctors don't know EVERYTHING

First off, i want to say most dictirs are very intelligent nut they don't know Everything. Nobidy knows your body better thanyou do. So take some xplanatioms your dictirs tell you with a grain of salt. Especially if its a subject you feel strongly about, because nobody understands your brain, soul, and body more than you do. Good doctors are good at suggesting methods that been help you but, great doctors don't sit your opinion out, they work with you and help you pinpoint exactly what is wrong with you. For instance, if i amm layed and a hospital bed and I know of a certain medication that would help me and the situation. Especially if I have great insurance, I do not want my idea to automatically getting shut down when i suggests a medicine or method that would wprks dope me just because they are a doctor and I am just a plain g plain ol patient. No. , I am human just like you and I have feelings. And the feelings are strong when it comes to me because I know me. I know my pain. I feel my pain daily. So give me And my opinion a chance.

Should i Post everything since I was told I got cancer?
Yes, that was my intention. I COULD'VE posted more videos to make more senses of these posts and but I was so weak from the cancer, i said f*ck it and refrained from continuing updating all my feelings, but tjats a story for another time.

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